Greek Braai

Meze platters
  • Dolmades, koftas, olives, spanakopitas, tiropitas
  • Dips – taramasalata, tzaziki,
  • Pita breads

* large skewers turning on fire of special greek braai

  • Beef with oregano and olive oil
  • Chicken quarters with herb and lemon marinade
  • Pork with lemon, garlic and mustard
  • Lamb with rosemary and sweet lime
Side dishes
  • Greek village salad
  • Creamy potato bake
  • Oven roasted vegetables (peppers, aubergines, baby marrows, onions and cherry tomatoes, olive oil and rosemary sprigs)
  • Chocolate mousse layer cake with sacher icing
  • Halva ice-cream
Cheese and Fresh Fruit Platters