Buffet Menu - Executive

Starters - choice of 3
  • Fresh mussels with balsamic vinaigrette cold or hot in tarragon and white wine sauce
  • Shrimp & mango with sauce "marie rose" (seasonal)
  • Salmon and vegetable terrines
  • Grilled calamari strips 'cajun' on seasonal salad
  • Smoked chicken and mango with sesame orange dressing
  • Fresh salmon cakes with mirin dipping sauce
  • Chicken, prawns and corn with sundried tomatoes
  • Springbok carpaccio with olive oil, balsamic and parmesan
  • Whole black mushroom filled with spinach & sauce hollandaise
  • Fresh green asparagus with home made mayonnaise (seasonal)
  • Mushroom and bluecheese mousse on mushroom cream, garnished with grilled mushrooms

  • Creamy crab bisque
  • Malay pumpkin soup with spinach wafer
  • Thai style butternut with coconut cream
  • Traditional onion soup with brie cheese croutons
  • Broccoli and blue cheese with parmesan wafer
  • Tomato and orange with bruschetta

Salads - choice of 3
  • Greek village salad
  • "Summer caprese" tomato with provolone and basil
  • 'Winter caprese" baby beetroot with baby mozzarella and basil pesto
  • Chinese green vegetables with pinenuts and raisins
  • Indian spicy fruit and vegetables with chilli dressing
  • Roasted beetroot, grapefruit and mint - balsamic reduction
  • Tempura vegetables with sweet soya dip
  • Spinach, mushroom & water chestnut with vinaigrette dressing
  • Smoked chicken & mango/orange salad (seasonal) with sesame dressing
  • Mexican spicy pasta salad with jalopino salannaise
  • Iceberg lettuce with blue cheese dressing
  • Spicy lentils "middle eastern"
  • Waldorf salad – apple, celery and walnuts

Fish/Seafood - choice of 1
  • Whole poached scottish salmon with dill lemon cream garnished with salmon roe
  • Fried line fish & sauce tartare (cold)
  • Whole poached butterfish – fennel sauce
  • Fried kingklip with sweet and sour sauce
  • Traditional seafood paella
  • Blackened fish with fried green tomatoes
  • Fresh poached salmon with tarragon ricard sauce
  • Thai 'hot and sour' prawns
  • Calamari, shrimp and mussel stirfry
  • Fresh westcoast mussels in white wine sauce
  • Tradisional crab curry

Poultry - choice of 1
  • BBQ roast chicken
  • Chicken cordon blue (stuffed with cheese and ham)
  • Chicken bourekia - (chicken fillet filled with fetan and mint on yogurt sage sauce)
  • Grilled breast of chicken - tarragon cream sauce
  • Roast stuffed turkey with cranberry sauce
  • Chicken and fresh asparagus
  • Grilled chicken breast in pomodori and basil sauce
  • Thyme and lemon marinated chicken with whitewine sauce
  • Chicken satay & peanut sauce
  • 'Peking duck' with hoisin sauce
  • Chinese chicken stir fry with cashew nuts
  • Chicken and apricot kebabs with light curry cream sauce
  • Breast of turkey with grape and thyme sauce
  • Spicy chicken trinshado
  • Thai chicken in green or red coconut cream curry
  • Chicken fillet and prawns in red thai curry sauce

Meat - choice of 1
  • Whole strip sirloin,carved by the chef served with mustards and green peppercorn sauce
  • Lamb chops with honey & sesamé glaze
  • Lamb and fruit kebab 'teryaki'
  • Bbq flavoured grilled lamb ribs
  • Fillet of beef 'diane" - (mushroom, brandy and cream sauce)
  • "Waterblommetjie bredie" traditional lamb stew
  • Beef 'cordon bleu' with mushroom sauce
  • Beef or pork schnitzels with lemon and herb sauce
  • Fillet of pork with berry and port sauce marinated butterfly leg of lamb on carvery
  • Chinese beef stirfry with black beans
  • Venison ragout (seasonal)
  • Real beef stoganoff with mushrooms and white wine
  • Pork fillet with prune and redwine sauce
  • Whole glazed gammon with pineapple – cherry sauce

* All main courses served with oven roasted vegetables in season, potatoes, rice and or pasta to compliment the dishes

Dessert - choice of 3
  • Fresh fruit pavlova
  • Apple strudel and cream
  • Black forest trifle
  • Créme caramel
  • Chocolate mousse cake with sacher topping
  • Galaltimbouriko (greek milktart done with phyllo)
  • Croque em bouche (french wedding cake) pofferjies
  • Meringue surprise – layered with mousse and fruit
  • Apple parfait with mini brandy apples
  • Meringata icecream/mousse cake
  • Tiramisu normal or frozen
  • Baked chocolate pudding with brandy sauce
  • Traditional malva pudding
  • Baked cheese cake
  • Chocolate mousse bombe
  • Strawberry mille fuille

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Fresh Fruit Platters
Belgian Chocolates